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Hello loves,

It’s time to turn out the lights, light those sensual candles from Bath and Body Works you’ve been dying to try, and put on your sexy time playlist because we’re about to get a little scandalous.

No but really, we’re about to go to the sexier side of things and discuss lingerie. Something I’ve never been comfortable in until I had to come out of my comfort zone when I performed in a production of The Rocky Horror Show. Prancing around in a tutu, fishnets, and a corset will definitely change you. Embrace it.

The site Adore Me has some of the most beautiful lingerie pieces and sets that you can mix and match to fit your liking and personality. Whether it’s sweet and flirty, or dark and sultry, they have something for all of your tastes.

Being a fan of the darker and edgier looks I gravitated towards anything black and lacey. Some of the pieces I picked out were the Annmarie and the Jacquelyn.
Then of course, I had to pick out a corset, the Heidi was absolute perfection! A perfect dupe for the corset I rocked while on stage for Rocky Horror so I was right at home in this. Corset’s are amazing for showing off your figure and accentuating your curves in the best way. Adore Me caters to women of all shapes and sizes.

Given the fact that I love a good smoky eye, that’s exactly what I would pair this with. Something bronzy, with the right hint of darkness to accentuate the eyes, and of course topped off with my signature winged liner and a pair of lashes.

The lashes I’ve been using recently are the ones from the i-Envy line from Kiss. They’re so comfortable and they add the right amount of drama to your look.

For lips, I would go for one or two ways. I would either go for my go-to red lip or keep it neutral with a darker nude.
Two of my favorites!

To amp up the look, I would either add- a comfy flannel and thigh highs or- a black, lace shawl. It represents my style completely: cool and comfy, and dark and edgy.
Forget high waisted shorts, pair that with some lingerie and you're good to go & literally just LOOK at Naya Rivera in that flannel. 

That’s honestly all I need, just put on Do I Wanna Know by the Arctic Monkeys and I’m good. Because if the lingerie is coming out, I’m staying in *insert smirk emoji*

Head over to Adore Me's sexy lingerie page check out their collections and mix and match your favorite picks to create a look just for you!

Till next time,

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